Built in the 1920s, the over 100-year-old Mu Chapter House, "The Old Gal" still stands proud and strong. With over 59 beds, including singles, doubles, triples, and 2 sleeping porches**!

Newly remodeled (finished in June 2022), both of the residential floors are completely brand new and feature hardwood floors, windows, heating system, outlets on the top & bottom bunks, desk space, wardrobes, and more in every room!

Questions about housing? House bill and fees? Feel free to reach out to our President or Advisor

**Sleeping porches are 4 sets of bunk beds (8 total twin beds) in a newly remodeled room. The idea behind this is to allow new members the opportunity to live intimately with each other fostering a sense of community and accelerated brotherhood. For many brothers, living in the sleeping porch is one of their fondest memories in the house!

Double room

Featuring brand new floors, walls, windows, beds, and mattresses!

Triple Room

Featuring brand new floors, walls, windows, beds, and mattresses!

New Beds and Mattresses

Each room offers a combination of twin and full size beds allowing for the most amount of comfort


A quiet study space to get work done

Shower Room

Showers located on both residential floors


Extra Storage for Sleeping Porches


Hosting over 65 brothers for Lunch and Dinner Mon-Fri

Basketball Court

One of two large outdoor spaces


One of the other quiet study spaces, featuring older alumni and house photos